Winter sent them

You know the deal: the local paper calls it an unprecedented weather event. Maybe they just don’t remember the last one.

The trees are all spiky, lacy fretwork, as you wander round the garden examining the blow-ins from far and wide. Leaves, seed pods, branch and twig. Elsewhere, whole trees have taken to the streets, causing much damage and consternation. Soon, the reprisals will begin. Trees will become politically incorrect. People who live in this National Park will forget why they came here. For the air, for the trees, and the things that fall out of them.


The Western Short-tailed Prawn Mouse



Webster’s Prancing Newt



The Underprivileged Chlorophyll Elf


The Birdhat of Astrakhan


Common House Whatsit



The Amateur Dramatic Society of Leafy Suburbia


The Christmas Pudding of Tannochbrae