Capitalism: I shopped all day for your birthday.


A poem made from spam


I Promised to help 5000 people
My boldest claim ever
Do you miss me?

You said once you like Rolex.
how you wish you were younger
Would you let me share your secrets?

don’t be afraid of bad things. you will find the solution
be confident cause you can get the silky smooth skin back soon
Love yourself!

Abundance is Your Birth Right
I’ve got my eye on you
How much is your car worth on trade-in?

Passion should last forever
we look for something
stopping and staring senselessly

Sweetheart wants a Rolex ?
Make the Banker Woo You!
I’d like to get to know you…. broke

I need you to call me
I lost my Rolex
now I am a new man
I Sleep In The Barn


This poem was constructed from 100% recycled spam email titles, without additives.