Beer clowns

SORRY IF IT WAS BEER that brought you here. This is the second post I’ve done that collides with the world of alcohol, but its influence is indirect. Or is that derelict?

Take one beer mat, also known as a coaster, left to coast. Abandoned to the rain, fanned by the breeze of passing truck tonnage, despised even by snails. Mum picked it up though, in the interests of skipism. This is it here:

Ex coaster

It might only be me, but I saw a clown in its ravaged surface. I wanted you to see it too and, even though I’ve never been attracted to the school of clown portraits that seems to mutate and grow from one decade to the next, I suppose I’m adding to the trail of its dead.

It’s just that beer and clowns were meant to be together, at least in pictures.

On pieces of drowned cardboard.

When you squint at them in a certain way.

Beer clown 1



Beer clown 3

Beer clown 4


Beer clown 5

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  1. Ha!macK wrote:

    mmm – Crown Rager!