For seventy 3

for seventy 3

CATS WRITE MUSIC. It’s one of their less well known attributes. When a black cat walks across your laptop, the results can be disastrous or useful. That’s the genesis of this track.

Making a languorous and quite oblivious passage across the keys, our cat activated the voice-over function, which began to narrate the contents of an open IRC window with great earnestness, and not a little speed. It took me a while to understand what was happening, and a while longer to work out how to record it. It was the start of a slow growing collection of accidentally acquired found sounds, and eventually made its way onto this track.

There’s one other artefact, one that Alex the voice-over would find impossible to achieve. It’s my shoulder giving an almighty click as I recorded some overdubs. I thought I’d leave that in for ‘posterity’.

For seventy 3 by skipism