Temperance texture sampler

Temperance textures sampler

FREE TEXTURES FOR DEAR READERS. If you ‘suffer’ from the same tendency as me, you might like this. I’ve always got at least one eye on a scouting mission for new textures, surfaces with pattern or patina, grain or grime. I use them in designs and illustrations, for adding something new or unexpected to a flat patch, and sometimes, by a process of blending layers in Photoshop, to find a more interesting colour palette than the one I’ve chosen.

I use beautiful, free textures on a daily basis, and for ages have wanted to make some for other people to use. Finally, here is my first batch. They are all 300 dpi, and share the endpaper of an old book as a starting point, with other textures layered on top in different ways. Download them from my Flickr set. Always delighted to hear from you if you find them useful.